Hello- my name is Gregory. I'm going to take you on a short tour of where I've lived. We'll start pretty broadly, and then "zoom" in. To "zoom" in, all you have to do is press the arrow on the right. And, if you'd like to "zoom" out, click the arrow on the left. If you want to skip around, you can pick a page to go to on the bottom of the screen. And, lastly, if you want to view this site as a regular web site without all the scrolling, all you need to do is click the "Disable Javascript" link below.
Enjoy the tour!
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Planet Earth

Along with about 6.5 billion other people, I live on Planet Earth. It's the third planet from the sun, and is the largest terrestrial planet. As far as we know, Earth is the only planet in the universe that has life on it.

On Earth, there are 245 countries spanning 148,940,000 km2 of land. The other 70% of the Earths surface is covered in water.
The Earth is getting pretty crowded! Within just a few years, theres expected to be almost 10 billion people- and because of all the water and deserts and mountains, only about an eighth of the Earth is inhabitable!

The United States of America

The United States of America declared their independence from Great Britain in 1776. Since then, it has grown into 50 states, with over 300 million people. It is currently the third biggest country in both population and land area.
The United States is the most ethically diverse country in the world, and has the largest national economy.
The national motto is "In God We Trust", and the National Anthem is "The Star-Spangled Banner."

New York

New York, the Empire State, was the 11th state to join the Union. It's home to the largest city in The United States (New York City), as well as the (and I may be a bit biased on this one) greatest sports franchise ever, The New York Yankees.
Our state motto is "Excelsior" (Ever Upward), our state slogan is "I Love New York", and (since I'm sure you were wondering), our official state beverage is milk.
The capital of New York is Albany - not New York City, as most people think. As far as area goes, we are the 27th biggest state. Population-wise, however, we are ranked 3rd biggest.

Schaghticoke, NY

You've probably never heard of Schaghticoke. It's not surprising that you've never met anyone who lives there- I've been living there almost 20 years, and everything's so spaced out I still don't know a single person who lives there.
We do have one claim to fame, however. One weekend a year, we host the Schaghticoke Fair- and people from Schaghticoke spend the rest of the year waiting for the next fair to roll around.
It's a pretty nice place to live, though- I like it.

My House

My dad designed and built this house around when I was born, so I've lived there my entire life. We have two man-made ponds, which are full of fish. We have chickens and rabbits who live behind the house.
The barn in the back is full of tractors, snowmobiles, dirt bikes, and go karts - which are a nice break from the computer every once in awhile.
I lived about an hour from my high school (and at least a half hour from the nearest McDonalds!)- so luckily theres a lot to do at home, because going anywhere is a bit of a drive.
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